ConnectCare Physicians include Board Certified, Internal and Family Medicine physicians who are always up to date with the latest advances in Hospitalist Medicine. We work in hospitals across the metro providing hospitalist services on behalf of dedicated primary physicians who desire their patient to experience the highest level of acute care 24/7/365. We take pride in delivering consistent, safe, and efficient care to every patient we see.


We view the inpatient care experience as an extension and reflection of our primary care physician partner’s service. That’s why at the outset of working with a new partner we develop a close relationship and understanding of services and procedures so that we can deliver the best possible care. With each patient we keep in communication with our partners to discuss significant findings or events. At the time of patient discharge we provide a detailed report of findings and treatment plans.


ConnectCare Hospitalists cover all corners of the Kansas City metro. We are contracted with all the major insurance plans and are continuing to add to a broad range of networks to provide patients in-network providers as well. See our current hospital locations here. To schedule admissions or ask questions contact our Clinical Liason at (816) 605-9758.


ConnectCare covers all aspects of a patient’s post-procedure care, from admissions to inpatient to securing post-hospitalization services and discharge. We ensure our patients’ comfort by staying in close daily contact and by being available around the clock to discuss care and answer questions. In addition to our physician team, our patients also have access to our multidisciplinary team of nurse practitioners and physician assistants. When the patient is ready to go home we secure the post-hospitalization services they need, including prescriptions, physical therapy, home health visits, and a follow-up appointment with their primary care doctor as specified by our primary physician partners.