What is a hospitalist?

We are medical specialists that focus on the treatment of hospitalized patients. Your safe, efficient, quality hospital care requires teamwork, and we will work together to provide you with the best possible care.

How does hospitalist care work?

A hospitalist will see you every day to direct your treatment while you are in the hospital. They will be available to you and your family to answer questions and discuss your care . These physicians work at the hospital full-time to provide for your care and attend to any emergencies that may arise. Depending on your specific needs, the hospitalist may consult other doctors to participate in your care. Patients will also have access to a multidisciplinary team of nurse practitioners and physician assistants on our allied health professional staff. In addition, nutritionists, nurses and social workers are available to address all aspects of your care, including helping with insurance matters and social service needs. The hospitalist will coordinate arrangements for any prescriptions or care that you may need after you are discharged, such as physical therapy or home health visits. You will be asked to make an appointment with your primary care doctor, or other doctors, soon after discharge.

What is the relationship between the hospitalist and my primary care physician?

The hospitalist and primary care physician are true partners in your care. Your primary care physician will provide information about your past health history to the hospitalist, and the two physicians will discuss any significant findings or events. At the time of your admission and discharge, the hospitalist prepares a detailed report of findings and treatment plans that is sent to your primary care physician. When you are discharged, you will return to the care of your primary care doctor.